Post Prize Initiative

The awarding of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is just the beginning. In support of XPRIZE Foundation’s goal of scaling impact, Qualcomm Foundation has extended their commitment to the competing teams through a first-ever, post-prize fund. This program is dedicated to continued product development and consumer testing, trial implementation in developing countries, and industry adoption and retail commercialization of the Tricorder device. Along with several strategic partners including the Roddenberry Foundation, XPRIZE and the Qualcomm Foundation will implement a series of initiatives to assist and support the teams in the further realization of their innovations. Specifically:

  • To foster conversation, public education and guide the understanding of how these devices can impact and change the future of health care for consumers around the globe, an educational, feature-length documentary film from an Oscar®-nominated director will be produced. In addition, a nationally-distributed museum exhibit chronicling the future of mobile health for consumers will be installed.
  • To further the testing and R&D for continued Tricorder device development, partnerships have been forged with:
    • University of California San Diego, the Qualcomm Institute and Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute (ACTRI), which will offer access to cloud-based medical data and a Physician Oversight Committee, ensuring that the highest levels of ethics and standards are followed to validate the device’s performance
    • The General Hospital of Maputo will has committed to providing the devices to doctors, nurses, and patients in Mozambique, Africa
    • The US Food and Drug Administration, who will continue to guide and facilitate the testing and R&D for Tricorder device development
  • To establish demand in the marketplace, encourage industry adoption, and provide for consumer access:
    • Lowe’s Home Improvements will distribute the commercial-ready Tricorder in retail stores as part of their “Smart Home” initiative that incorporates technologies that add convenience, safety, and connectivity for homeowners
    • Kimberly Clark will explore innovation opportunities in collaboration and support of the teams. In addition, the company’s global research and engineering divisions will explore how to integrate advanced sensor technologies into future products
  • Facilitated mentorship from our ecosystem of experts, including:
    • Anita Goel, winner of the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE competition #1, who will support the teams on how to scale their solutions for impact based on her success as the winner of the Nokia Sensing XCHALLANGE
    • Michael Kuan of Kuan Ventures, who will advise the teams on commercial and manufacturing strategies and contacts in China
    • Dr. Robert E. Grant III, Founder, President and CEO of Concierge Key Health, who will teams aid in developing robust business plans and help them on the path toward commercialization


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